Dear agents and partners of BEC Rocky Mountains and Montreal:

Many of you have already been advised or have heard that BEC closed both schools in the Rocky Mountains and Montreal.

Special thanks to Languages Canada, with full co-operation from the school, has been involved in the closure, finding placements for the students that needed to be moved. Because Languages Canada does not have another school in Canmore or Banff, most students have been relocated to Calgary (where they will be arriving). Students for the Montreal school will be placed at other LC accredited institutions in Montreal at no additional cost to the students.

Languages Canada offers student protection through our Education Completion and Assurance Program:

Languages Canada can be contacted at
Or, T: (604) 574-1532

We thank everyone for the support that we received, the kind comments on Facebook from students and the many years of wonderful students that we have had. We hope that BEC will be remembered for many years to come.

BEC Canada